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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Is President Banda isolated?

Apparently so, acccording to MMD Lusaka Province Chairperson William Banda :

“Your Excellency, if you hear Lusaka Province is talking about a certain minister, a certain NEC member, you must take it serious to discipline them because this is the heart of MMD and the state....When you call them to NEC meetings, when you look at them, who do you think you can hand over power to in NEC besides the one you have next to you [George Kunda]? Your Excellency, somebody called me the day before yesterday. I am not going to hide this, somebody called me only three days ago, and he was saying, ‘Comrade chairman I want you and us…to work together with that one and that one’. He said, ‘you must not interfere in the selection of the vice-president’. I think they have somebody whom they want. I will tell you the name in confidence. Now, Your Excellency, these are the people who sit next to you, who eat with you, who drink with you, at the same time they are slapping you on your face behind you.”
If the above speech was intended to "strength weak hands and make firm feeble knees", its done precisely the opposite. It has given an impression of a President under siege with his own ministers plotting daily to replace the Vice President, and ultimately him.

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