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Friday, 5 March 2010

The NCC (Amendment) Bill 2010

A very short amendment (6 pages) to the National Constitution Conference Act 2007 has been tabled which seeks to revise the period for the dissemination and adoption of the initial report and draft Constitution. This Bill is crucial because it effectively sets a new deadline for the NCC to complete its work by 31 August 2010. That deadline incorporates room for public consultation. That of course is only the beginning of the process. It appears what we can expect on 31st August is a draft bill presented to Parliament. Then the debate begins again!

A Million Words Project Review
New Parliamentary Bills (Not Passed) Not Yet Read:

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2010
The Immigration and Deportation Bill, 2010
The Dairy Produce Marketing and Levy (Repeal) Bill, 2010
The Dairy Produce Board (Establishment) (Repeal) Bill, 2010
The Dairy Industry Development Bill 2010"
The Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Bill, 2010
The Plea Negotiations and Agreement Bill, 2010
The Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2010
The Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Bill, 2010
The Engineering Institution of Zambia Bill,2010
The Public Interest Disclosure (Protection Of Whistleblowers) Bill, 2010

Note of thanks : I can't thank the National Assembly team enough! They are really a wonderful bunch. I requested that we have bills posted urgently and they responded! We now have all the bills under discussion. None of the bills have been passed. Many of you have noted that we should have a list upfront of all bills before they are debated. The Clerk is aware of this point. The fact that these bills are now ready before they become law shows that we are making progress. The National Assembly is doing its best, its up to us aas citizens to read this legislation and feedback to the politicians.

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