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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

On dogs and disciples...

Minister Kaingu believes in dogged loyalty :

"Definitely it's not acceptable! I mean we serve one man and we must have total allegiance. So if there are such ministers, deputy ministers or NEC members, they are not doing the right thing...You know what? Even a dog has got allegiance to its owner. So we must have total allegiance to the President. We must give him as much support as we can.”
His colleague Deputy Minister Muteka prefers to think of himself as a disciple of the President (whom he blasphemously likens to the first member of the trinity God the Father, with his son William Banda as the Lord Jesus Christ) :
"Jesus is as good as God. So what more do you want? Me, I am serving in the kingdom of God where Jesus is the Son. If I was not comfortable I would have resigned. You understand? Now that I am in the office working, what do you think?"
It is had to know which of the two Ministers are in a worse position mentally. One believes he is mentally as good as a dog, the other thinks he is one of the 12.  I am sure Mr Muteka knows that all disciples were martyrs. Apostle Peter found himself not worthy of dying the same death as the Lord Jesus Christ, so he requested to be crucified upside down. What loyalty Mr Muteka has!

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