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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Poor Journalism (Daily Mail)

The extract below from the Daily Mail by a certain Ndubi Mvula has yet again set a new record of poor journalism for the Daily Mail. With the heading "RB headed for Victory - EIU", it notes (also here) :

A report of the influential Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has predicted that President Rupiah Banda and the MMD are likely to retain power in the 2011 general elections because of the influence of incumbency and the recovery in both the local and global economy. 
The report goes on to blab and rejoice about the high reputation of the EIU, especially for making this prediction, among others. The clear inference being that the EIU is a reputable and credible source turned prophet of Zambian politics. This should not even be news. This is absolutely laughable. I mean no other credible paper around the world would run this headline!

The EIU have a poor understanding of Zambian issues. These are after all the people that predicted Zambia's 2009 GDP to be only 1.8%. We dismissed that even before official figures came out at 6.2%. Then there was that horrible prediction supplied to World Vision that Zambia was on a verge of catastrophe in 2010! Apparently according to the EIU we were one of the top most volatile places in the world, largely fuelled by the down.  The least Mr Mvula could have done is check EIU's poor record. He could have also checked the fact that these are done by young graduates with no experience of real issues obtaining on the ground. Mr Mvula's piece continues to perpetuate the image of the "ignorant journalist". In the piece we see no attempt, just the usual taxpayer funded laziness. What we expect is for him to have run the piece alongside other opinion.

Even more mind boggling is that he has quoted a "political forecast" by the EIU and paraded it as "prediction". Not only that, he is quoting a prediction in early 2010 about elections in 2011!  Zambians must start rejecting this sort of poor journalism. We should no longer accept this as "normal".  There's nothing normal about shabby, uninformed and uncritical reporting. The internet is around with information on their fingertips, the season of ignorance must surely come to an end.

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