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Friday, 26 March 2010

Quick notes

A feel good story. Zambia last week resumed exports of canned food into southern Africa after the revival of a 200-250 tonne agro-processing plant that collapsed during privatisation of state firms in the 1990s.

The Economist on the Paul Kagame achievements which have come "at the expense of freedom". Mr Kagame and his government are apparently stifling political and press freedom in advance of a presidential election due in August. Opposition parties have been forbidden to “use words or facts that defame other politicians”, with their members spied on and bullied.

Still on Rwanda, among those vying for the top job is Victoire Ingabire who came back home in January 2010 after 16 years in exile in the Netherlands and immediately declared her interest in the country’s top political job. Rwanda has one of the highest female representation in the world, but the top jobs remain illusive to women.


  1. Hai Cho,
    Rwanda is among countries with largest number of female representation. what am interested to know is the general status of ordinary women in such countries. it is generally believed that more female representation translates to improved status for women in general. Am not too sure about that. I rarely hear the few women parliamentarians in Zambia for example speak loundly about issues concerning women. I dont believe being female is a qualification enough for one to speak on behalf of other women.

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