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Saturday, 6 March 2010

What do Zambians think about Zambia?

An independent assessment of Zambians’ attitudes towards democracy, markets and civil society. The Afrobarometer surveys are conducted in countries that have introduced some degree of democratic and economic reform. Two short papers on Zambia are now available summarising the results of the survey carried out in June 2009 in all the nine Provinces (stratified area sample of 1,200). High level summary below:

Citizen Perceptions of the Economic and Living Conditions in Zambia.

This bulletin summarises the perceptions of Zambians with regard to economic and living conditions in the country as captured by the Afrobarometer survey conducted in June 2009. Most Zambians have described the economic conditions of the country as either “fairly bad” or “very bad” over the period 2006-2009. Most Zambians also hold the view that government’s economic policies have hurt most people and only few have benefited. These are two of the important findings revealed by the recent Afrobarometer survey conducted in Zambia in June 2009.
Zambian Citizens, Democracy and Political Participation
This Briefing Paper summarises the Zambian citizens’ perception with regard to political participation in general and support for democracy in particular, as captured by an Afrobarometer survey conducted in June 2009. Although support for democratic government has been rekindled, following a declining trend between 1999 and 2005, the Zambian political environment still remains characterised by very low levels of interaction between constituents and political representatives. Most Zambians also prefer a revised Constitution to be ratified or approved by a public referendum rather than Parliament or “some other method”. These are some of the many important findings revealed by the recent Afrobarometer survey conducted in Zambia in June 2009.

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