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Friday, 2 April 2010

The Best of Zambia

A UK Trade and Investment video on the success story that is Best of Zambia . A wonderful business built around a website that offers the gateway to the best of Zambia.

I am intrigued though how the UK benefits (and thereby justifying UKTI support which comes under the UK Ministry of Business and Innovation), but we are just happy because they are putting Zambia on the map. I should know because I too visit the site to get a sense where I must spend breaks in Zambia! A good example of the opportunities that abound in tourism.

Update (2 April, 2010) : Right to Reply

I am extremely grateful to Sara Brown (Best of Zambia) for replying directly to the above story. Her response is set out below :

Thanks you for covering this story. The Best of Zambia UK team (linked very strongly to the Zambian team) exports our design and web services to Zambia. We cannot, however, do what we do without our Zambian base. The best part is that both Zambia and the UK benefit, as do the individuals across the globe who can use the site for its growing database of accurate information about Zambian services.

This is a model that will be rolled out across other countries. Zambia is our starting point because we are a Zambian family!

Watch this space for the enhanced website being launched in the next few months. Thank you for your support.

Sara Brown

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