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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Election 2011 Project - Expression of Interest

Dear Readers,

As you are aware the elections in Zambia are 16 months or so away. I thought it might be a good idea for us to get some important issues across to politicians and also foster positive debate.

The Zambian Economist of course continues to provide economic insights on key issues every day, but I thought a more targeted approach for 2011 would be good. Its never too early to start thinking! As such, I would like to bring together some of the committed minds Zambia has, at home and abroad, to put together a series of policy articles on a number of areas. The idea is to run these from the first month in 2011. These non-partisan policy papers /notes (maximum 1500 words) would be shared with all political players in order to help inform the debate in a non-partisan way. A special page will be created on the Zambian Economist. A final compendium of a summarised version would be published in magazine style form, either through the an established magazine or via a self standing Zambian Economist compendium. We have access to all the three branches of government - and all the main parties, so getting this out shouldn't be a problem. More importantly, it is a good way for us to have a single source of reference. The short papers could cover the following :

1. Agriculture
2. Business / Firms
3. Children and Women Policy
4. Communication
5. Corruption
6. Culture
7. Diaspora Policy
8. Economy
9. Education
10. Labour Reform
11. Energy security
12. Environment
13. Foreign Investment Policy
14. Governance
15. Growth
16. Health
17. Housing
18. Investment policy
19. Justice
20. Land
21. Law Reform
22. Local Government Reform
23. Media Reforms
24. Mining Policy
25. Poverty Reduction
26. Planning
28. Religion
29. Tourism
30. Transport
31. Water Policy

Would you be interested in writing something from any of these areas? If so which area (s)?
I have set a temporary maximum of three papers per person. I suspect most people will only write one! Once I have confirmed entries from people, I will circulate the programme!

This is the first time this has been done, to my knowledge. My view is that we can either sit down and let the usual politics take charge, or we can try and elevate the national dialogue. This is what Zambian Economist is all about. So hope you can partner with us. I am also speaking to established groups on the ground and in the diaspora with a view of collaborating on this Project.

Those interested should be email me as soon as possible.  This will then give me some time to create a programme of posts and how we will disseminate the information to movers and shakers.


Chola Mukanga
Founder, Zambian Economist
Email :
Skype ID : mwansabombwe
Twitter :

1 comment:

  1. I find it difficult to understand in which era we are; stone age or modern age.Allow me to air my views on what is pertaining on the kind of politics being exhibited by MMD, the ruling party in as far as the use public media is concerned. Who will pay for the prime time Chanda Chimba "Iscariot" (CCI)is using on ZNBC? Is it CCI or MMD? My advise to who ever will take the helm to lead Zambia other than MMD after the 2011, should make sure the cost being uncured is apportioned accordingly. Let CCI and MMD be accountable. All opposition who mean well for the well being of Zambia, take this seriously and record every program by CCI on ZNBC and keep record to use as evidence later this year. Even the people of Zambia should wake up and make our leaders accountable on misuse of national resources. Look at our brothers in the north! Zambia wake up. Our leaders should know that they are making the hand writing on the wall very evidently clear. Keep up this site. This site is so rich unlike the Zambian Chronicle, ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail. When will our men of the pen one day wake up and write like we are writing? ViVa internet Abash Shikapwasha.


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