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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mine Watch (Kansanshi)

First Quantum Minerals press release on the Kansanshi copper and gold mine. The main headline is that the life of the mine would continue for next 20 years following a recent study that revealed higher ore grades and additional resources. Key updates :

  • Using a 0.3% cut-off grade, the Measured and Indicated categories and the contained copper increase by approximately 18% and 50%, respectively.
  • Significantly increased Proved and Probable mineral reserves can support a minelife of approximately 13 years at a throughput rate of 24 million tonnes per year.
  • The minelife increases to 20 years when the Inferred mineral resource is considered.
  • The overall strip ratio increases marginally to 2.2:1 compensated by the increase in head grade to 1.16% total copper.

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  1. Interesting article:


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