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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Quick notes

Zambia and DR Congo are apparently "seeking funds" to resurvey and demarcate the common border to improve security and end border disputes. Around 5,000 metric tons of mineral ores is allegedly smuggled into Zambian from Congo every day.

An interesting BBC report on the work of CAMFED in Zambia, which is seeking to improve girl child education.

Inside Facebook looks at Africa's recent growth on facebook. Only six countries on the whole continent that are growing significantly, with the best performer Ghana growing at 9.6% per month.

The Mozambican police recently arrested a gang specialized in trafficking women to South Africa. The women, some as young as 16, are enticed with promises of jobs in the hotel industry. Once in South Africa, they are forced to become prostitutes. Those who resist are beaten and raped into submission. A growing problem across the SADC region, with Zambia at the centre.

On a related issue, IPS reports that the expected arrival of 350,000 football fans in South Africa for the World Cup in June has provoked fears of increased levels of human trafficking. A new study suggests that one major obstacle to preventing this is the lack of accurate information about the extent of the problem.

Not satified with its oil deposits, Angola is now pushing DRC to agree to a boundary proposal to the United Nations to extend its maritime border so that it covers an area with huge oil reserves. This is one to watch because many believe DRC continues to be short change due to colonial map drawings.

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