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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Quick notes

The Government has been piloting an SMS system for sending test results to HIV patients. This is seen as particularly critical for HIV positive infacts. MoH is confident that once implemented nationally, it will reduce infant mortality rates by more than 50 percent.

A report in The Post on the poor sanitary conditions at many schools around Zambia. According to the pupils, due to the bad state in the ablution blocks some pupils have resorted to going behind the classrooms whenever they wanted to answer the call of nature, some have simply shunned coming for classes.

On a positive note, the Judiciary has now moved towards computerisation. This should help speed up some of the cases. We also hope that we can quickly move towards the Judiciary making available summary judgements on-line for public access.

IPS report on the rampant illegal fishing in the central Antlantic Ocean area which is hitting West African countries the hardest.

Botswana plans to set up a 50-million-litre per year bio-diesel processing plant to be fed from jatropha (oil seed) plantations by 2012. Efforts are already under way to acquire 70,000. The project will be funded from the National Petroleum Fund. The plan is for government to develop the plant and then lease it to the private sector.


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