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Friday, 16 April 2010

Quick notes

ETN's Gill Staden bemoans Zambia's failure to capitalise on its tourism, suggesting that perhaps Botswana has something to teach us. No new insights - poor infrastructure, high bureaucracy, etc.

The chances are that nearly all readers know Zambia's new celebrity farmer Elleman Mumba. The 54-year-old peasant farmer was featured early this month in this BBC article.

Its's not a question of if, but when, a major earthquake of Haitian proportions will hit Mozambique. The area (and some parts of Zambia) is in a highly active seismic region, according the National Directorate of Geology.

Could higher copper prices slide? Apparently, the big global banks are quietly preparing for a slide in commodity prices over coming months as China clamps down on excess lending and the US Federal Reserve takes away the liquidity pot.

More of the same from Barack "Change You Can Believe In" Obama . The social liberal American President has apparently decided to continue with George Bush's  militarised and unilateral security policy towards Africa.

A bold new constitution is on the horizon for Kenya. It promises to introduce the most far-reaching institutional reforms the nation has seen since independence. Apparently, it promises a rebirth of a new nation in which the powers of the President are severely limited, women's rights are guaranteed and systems of land use and management radically changed to ensure equity.

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