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Monday, 26 April 2010

Quick notes

A new Human Rights Watch report suggests that the government of Angola has not done enough to combat pervasive corruption and mismanagement. Even though the oil-rich country's gross domestic product has increased by more than 400 percent in the last six years, Angolans are not seeing their lives improve accordingly.

A new report from ICTSD finds that African farmers could have gained from a 3.5 percent average increase in world cotton prices, if the US had cut subsidies that were deemed unlawful by a dispute panel at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), following complaints by Brazil.

Windhoek is trying to create a backup to the vulnerable pipelines that supply the city with water. Namibia's water engineers are "banking" ground water to meet future demand, but the enormous costs might sink the project before water can be harvested.

Rwanda recently shut critical papers in run-up to presidential vote. The Committee to Protect Journalists have condemned the decision by Media High Council accusing it of practising "a thinly disguised attempt at censorship" which would do little to ensure a free and fair election. Kagame's authoritarian rule is something we continue to track on this website.


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