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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Rule of Man

A worrying report in The Post :

Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde was yesterday forced into hiding after MMD cadres armed with catapults and stones started stoning everyone at the station in Mufumbwe....As he was addressing the parties, over 50 MMD cadres with catapults and stones approached the police station and started stoning everyone including police officers. Kabonde could not order the riot police officers at the police station to arrest the MMD cadres but instead ran into an office, fearing the stones from the catapults.

The MMD cadres when approaching the police station chanted: “Boma ni Boma. Tamwalale lelo (government is government, you won’t sleep today).” The MMD cadres smashed a passenger window for a UPND official’s car. One of the MMD cadres who appeared to be the ring leader even walked into the police station and the police officers had to plead with him to leave. As this was happening, UPND cadres responded to the attacks prompting police led by Katiba to approach the MMD cadres and pleaded with them to stop. The MMD cadres retreated, later re-grouped and headed towards the UPND camp within Mufumbwe boma. The cadres were later seen walking along Zambezi Road shouting ‘boma ni boma’. After the meeting at the police station, Kabonde told journalists: “I am not going to say anything here, you saw what was happening yourself.”
Its an extraordinary spectacle when the Inspector General of Police is forced into hiding by thugs. One hopes this is not a prelude to 2011. I


  1. This is the kind of behaviour that really bothers me about the political climate in Zambia. Political party leadership does little to nothing to contain such acts of thuggery done under their banner. I can only reach the conclusion that they incite and/or endorse this shameful and backward behaviour!

  2. ECZ Elections Coordinator29 April 2010 at 07:34

    I just came back from Mufumbwe.

    Both UPND and MMD have created vigilante groups who parade like soldiers. The UPND are threatening people in areas where MMD got mass support. They are telling them that if they are seen voting, they will be hounded and killed at night. The MMD vigilates are targetting the UPND terrorists and beating the living daylights out of them. Some are even being paraded and undressed before the electorate to alay fears of death.

    Its crazy out there as the momentum increases.


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