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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Another day, another party, 5th Edition

You will forgive for forgetting to announce the recent launch of the Alliance for Democracy and Development by Charles Milupi. I have been suffering from one-man parties fatigue. This is the fifth party launched in the last year! (In case you have forgotten the others :  Mr Sondashi's FDA ;  Saviour Chishimba UPP ; the mysterious ZANC ; and Chipimo's NAREP ). I have always defended the right of people to congregate despite the huge externalities involved. Lets us be clear Mr Milupi will not be President next year - neither has he started off on a democratic footing. Anyone who starts off in a party by declaring himself President must rightly be judged with skeptism.


  1. How does one even keep track of these one-man parties? I do have to say though, Sondashi's will not be soon forgotten on my part. His eloquent announcement of wanting to be president so that he and family can enjoy life again, since they've been 'suffering' since he left MMD was just priceless!

  2. Cho,

    Zambia has truly embraced free market policies!

    We are now in the position where religion and politics are huge growth industries. The twin-pack products of 'Hope and Salvation' have an unsatiable market in Zambia and we have no shortage of suppliers for both.

    To a large extent the fire is being fuelled by both right and left wing groups in Europe and America who provide funds. This is wrong on so many levels; perhaps it could be the topic of a future blog?

  3. isnt the population, especially that of voters, too small for so many parties?

  4. I realised after writing this post that actually it is 7 political parties in the last 12 months.

    I forgot to count Fred Mtesa's ZED and the now disbanded Leftist Progressive Party!

  5. Whisper,
    I am not aware of any European and/or American funding of "single" political parties in Zambia. The only funding I am aware of is that extended by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy to political parties which are members of the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID). Do you know of any specific financiers of political parties in Zambia?

  6. This is an excellent guys are very informative and patriotic Zambians. i'll tell many people about the site. I think the problem with Zambian politics is we always look to the same people that have failed us in the past and then expect a different outcome. What Zambia needs right now is a 'we the people' driven campaign for change, similar to the movement that brought Obama to power in the U.S..We need young, articulate and dedicated individuals to step up to the plate. Enough of old politicians is enough


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