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Friday, 14 May 2010

Elections 2011 Project - Update

The response so far to our Elections 2011 proposal has been quite positive, certainly much better than I expected. One never knows how fellow "arm chair" analysts respond to such practical demands! But we have been good, so thank you. I know I have still to respond to one or two queries, but do keep them coming.

If you have not yet expressed interest,  get in touch!

As by way of progress, I am working on a dedicated Zambian Elections website for the project - still in its infancy, but it does exist!  So yes, I am still committed to this, and as I said feedback has been pleasantly positive!

Unlike the Zambian Economist website, I realise that the success of this initiative really does not depend on me, since I'll merely edit, coordinate and bring external players on board. I am therefore totally dependent on those who are willing to write. So get on board if you haven't and let us get this show ready for 2011!

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