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Friday, 14 May 2010

The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

"I can’t rely on that. They give 50 per cent. That 50 per cent may sound exciting but in dollar terms I’ll tell you I get a US $1,000 per month, in Zambian terms its just about K5 million plus. My school going children, they are in private schools, one of them requires about US $2,000 per term, my daughter in London has to pay 10,000 ponds per year, that is just for fees, less accommodation and air transport"
The former first lady complaining of the hard knock life on a meagre $1000. Has Maureen Mwanawasa forgotten that 70% of Zambians live on less than $2 a day? Apparently she wants to lead the country one day. Presumably so that the $2 brigade can support her childrens' private schools and her daughter in London.  One can do nothing but moan for Zambia with this calibre of future leadership.


  1. I am sure other widows will empathise with her struggle to raise young children on her own with a single income, but how many others get a supplementary $1000/mth from GRZ? I am sure she also didn't have to wait as long as others do to get benefits from NAPSA or ZNPF. Her comments are nothing sort of insulting for those that don't have that kind of safety net. Furthermore, isn't she also a recipient of some acreage compliments of the Zambian people?

  2. Her callous mindset deserves nothing but the inglorious garb of villainy so that we can freely plug the holes in her ingratitude and myth for power.Sundry allegations have been bandied as to how she was the actual Lord of the Manor exploiting half brain husband who allegedly lacked firmness and a voice.We have been regaled with tales of how she influenced and compromised due process in the award of contracts, how she manipulated the appointment of key officers in establishment to her own selfish dreams.Give that money to the needy old folks on the ground.

  3. There's unfortunately a kind of self entitlement attitude.

    Her comments about "duo" presidency..were also unfortunate.


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