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Friday, 14 May 2010

Linking Zambia (Think Zambia)

A new website focused on international investors looking to tap into Zambia. The basic concept is "to promote the Zambian economy and drive investment and trade to Zambia". I believe the website is based in South Africa.

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  1. I went and had a look at the website and it is riddled with incorrect information- Mwanawasa's anti-corruption drive being cited as important. No doubt it is if you're not actually in Zambia but if you are it seems to have been a sham. It talks Ndola and Kitwe up (the Kitwe stream is called a river and is described as an attractive feature which it is patently not in its present state) and paints a rosy picture of the country in general, glossing over our infinite problems. I understand it is aimed at attracting investment but anybody who is going to invest in Zambia is going to do their homework and find that it isn't as good a place to invest as the website makes out(in reality Zambia isn't a great place to invest) which makes the website a waste of resources-something our country has had too much of.


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