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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Meaningless press statements..

ULP's Sakwiba Sikota on the need for "Marshall Plan" for Luapula and Western Province :

The ULP feel that in order to get greater equity within the country it is necessary to pay extra attention to the two least developed provinces in the country. The aim of any government should be to ensure that no province or region is left behind in development. The statistics we have show that the two provinces which are lagging behind in terms of development in Zambia are Western and Luapula Provinces.

Compared to other provinces Western and Luapula Provinces are least developed in terms of education, agriculture, health infrastructure, road infrastructure and Direct Foreign Investment which is channeled to the province. There is a need for Government to increase funding in these areas so that Western and Luapula Provinces can catch-up with the rest of the country in terms of development.
What Sikota does not say is just how one funds such a transformation. We all know what needs to be done. What the opposition needs to do is go beyond that and cost these proposals. Crucially they should set out how such a Marshall plan can be funded. The statement as it stands is meaningless. I have previously excused the opposition for failure to cost their proposals but we cannot allow such meaningless approaches any longer. It is true the government does not provide sufficient information, but that does not excuse these opposition leaders for at least beginning to move beyond mere pronouncement and wish lists. They must begin to show intellectual leadership - and that is what is lacking in our nation.

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