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Monday, 31 May 2010

Monthly favourites

The Zambian Economist churns out on average a whooping 50 blog posts a month! This is based on the last five months. In fact this average is somewhat lower than the 2009 average when we used to do around 60 blog posts a month on average. I took a decision to reduce the amount of posts given all else on my plate. In 2007, when we started, we had about 30 blogs per month. I suspect that 40 blog posts a month is about the most ideal. The reason is that I prefer people to absolve the material and then feedback. Too many posts leads to contempt! Just kidding - 40 is merely the volume that I think would allow me to be both an effective "curator" of a existing material and a "creator" of new original ideas on pressing issues.

That said, I have been think that given the volume of material we churn out its worth at the end of each month to highlight a post I thought was particularly important - just in case some people missed it.  I have been doing this so sort of implicitly. Eagle eyed readers will notice that on the right hand bar we have the "selected readings". This is pretty composed on a monthly basis. Based on this the following posts have been the highlight this year. Someone will obviously ask how I decide on a monthly favourite given that I must like all the posts. I have no formula, I just decide! Here we go :

January 2010  : Decriminalising would-be Mpombos
February 2010 : State of Zambian Internet
March 2010 : Public Interest Disclosure Bill, 2010
April 2010 : Economic Impact of MFEZs

Now for the current month and future months, the "monthly favourite" will simply be reposted - with the appropriately updated additional title and under the "quotable" theme on the theme cloud.

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