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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Namwali Serpell's Muzungu

There's a new generation of extraordinary Zambian women that are achieving great things on the global stage. We have already seen Dambisa Moyo, Princess Kasune Zulu, Princess Nzindaba Nyirenda and the list goes on. Largely unrecognised in Zambia but they are making their mark.  The latest to have joined this list is Namwali Serpell, who holds a PhD from Harvard University and is an accomplished writer and academic. Namwali is on the short list  for the Caine Prize 2010 for African Writing  for her story "Muzungu".  I have not read the story but I gather it is featured in The Best American Short Stories 2009.  A recent interview on the same can be found here.


  1. Thanks for highlighting the achievements of these Zambian women. As a young Zambian it's encouraging to see others making an impact in various fields. Hopefully we can leverage this to make a difference at home. I'm definitely ordering that collection of short stories - that will keep me on target in my quest to read a work by an African author each month in 2010!

  2. There's a lot of good economic research around gender and macroeconomic outcomes. Perhaps we should let these ladies have a go at managing the country.

    On a serious note, we have had educated Zambian women who have only gone back to Zambia and found themselves overwhelmed by the system. Nawakwi is well educated but she sold the mines for a penny!

    Justice Mambilima is another one who has been a let down by her poor judgements..see Stupid Judgements, By Stupid Judges

    Empirical evidence points to Benefits of Foreign Education but clearly the extent to which these are realised depends on the institutions. I touched on Getting the best from a poor bunch.


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