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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Quick notes

We are apparently the first country in Eastern and southern Africa to introduce multipurpose electronic national registration cards that will be used for voting, accessing banking services and as driving licenses. Scary stuff in Europe, but apparently necessary to "prevent electoral fraud". Its one watch.

An interesting column in the Daily Mail on Government's work with the diaspora. The Zambia Development Agency is apparently putting together a concept paper, which no one seen, that will "strategise" how to tap into the diaspora to "create economic opportunity, reduce poverty and unemployment". Good to see Zambia Diaspora Connect leading on this for the diaspora, but let us hope we shall see papers soon..

China has over 95 percent market share in the global production of rare earth metals, but Tanzania wants to change this through the Wigu Hill deposit owned by Montero Mining. Apparently Wigu Hill has a lot going for it, both geologically and geographically. Rare earths are a collection of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table, Scandium and Yttrium, and the 15 lanthanides. According to scientists, rare-earth metals are the key to 21st Century technology: Without them, we wouldn't have smartphones, hybrid cars or precision weapons.  The demand for such has been surging.

A row has erupted in Malawi of Government's sensible plans to ban polygamy. The Muslim Community has reacted with uproar : "We are totally rejecting it. There are also other ethnic groups [who practise polygamy] and they also totally reject this...If these people go ahead banning polygamous marriages it means many women will go into prostitution....Every woman has the right to be under the shelter of a man." The argument is false.  Its much better to argue that this is a "religious right" and go on to make that argument, assuming it is.


  1. Sensible plans to ban polygamy? Marriage, yes including polygamy, is a contract between consenting adults who are aware of what they are going into. Or at least should be aware as ignorance is no defence. Governments should not get into people's pants unless to protect children and those that are not of sound mind. I think the issue of polygamy should be left to individuals.

  2. How many of peoples actions are inspired out of love or of fear? I do not believe that the environment of marriage and polygamy in Zambia is free from bias cultural influence towards men. Would the feelings be the same if a woman wanted to have two or three or four husbands in Africa? I would encourage some serious self reflection if anyone would respond yes.

  3. 5 billion dollars lending facility for mines:


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