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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Quick notes

China announced last week that it is ready to provide equity amounting to $1 billion for the Kafue Gorge Lower power plant. The total cost is estimated at $1.5bn with construction of the plant expected to begin next year and completion in 2017.

In another development, China will apparently provide $5 billion in loans to private mining companies, according to President Banda. This follows an agreement signed between the Ministry of Mines and the China Development Bank. Why an agreement between the government and CDB?

The Times of Zambia heralds Kansanshi's "huge dividended" of $18.1m. The dividend was paid to the Government through ZCCM-IH which has a 20 per cent stake in the mining firm based in Solwezi. KCM's copper production in 2009 was 244,979 tonnes.

The other news of course is that of India's understated investment. Felix Mutati (Commerce Minister) revealed this week that FDI from India in the last three years is worth over U$D3 billion. A large part of that is the $1.6n Konkola Deep Mining Project.

The ERB announced 13 percent fuel price increase this week, the second big price increase this year. According to the ERB the prices of petrol and diesel had to rise again, following January's 15 percent increase, due to higher global oil prices. The ERB operates without a  Chief Executive Officer.


  1. Regional power line:

  2. Planned Ethiopian hydroelectric dams could produce power to be exported to Kenya, and I speculate further on to Zambia if needed via the intended regional power line mentioned previously.

  3. 50th anniversary of Independence:

  4. 90% of children in Zambia attend school:

  5. Liberia investments growth:


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