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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reason 4 - Musokotwane Critique

In a recent interview on the Ministry of Finance public relations programme Cultural Remodeling Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane argues against the restoration of the windfall tax :

"When you tax the revenue and not the profit, you are basically closing the mines..Indeed this country still has windfall tax but windfall tax on profits which is called variable income tax. What we rejected was windfall tax on revenues"
This argument is covered in the Eight reasons for rejecting higher mining taxes under  Reason 4 : The profit variable tax does the same job as windfall tax . The standard response as set out in that post is sufficient.

As a public servant Minister Musokotwane can be contacted by any Zambian via email and engage his thoughts on the same.  Email addresses :  and

I am hoping to have a page with government email contacts for readers keen to be in touch with national leaders. Change begins with YOU. More importantly change comes with activism. You must be prepared to act and lobby politicians for policies that are favourable to our people. How do you think mining companies got those Development Agreements? How do you think western NGOs like SIAF & Christian Aid managed to have them abolished under President Levy Mwanawasa?

If you have an email contact of key / important government officials  please forward it to us to help build up the directory for readers - email to :