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Friday, 7 May 2010

When incompetence prevails

Last week marked 17 years since the air disaster when national team players and officials perished off the coast of Gabon, on their way to Senegal for a World Cup qualifier. It also marked the exact time all of us have been waiting for the official report. The official line according to Deputy Minister of Sport Maynard Misapa is that Government is allegedly still trying to sort out diplomatic matters with Gabon:

“At an opportune time, the government will eventually avail the report, after the necessary diplomatic matters have been dealt with”.
When is the "opportune time"? 20 years after the incident? 30 years? 100 years? Why not just say we have no intention of releasing the report, times have moved on, so move with it? I am sure people wont get any more angrier than now. This of course is not the only disaster awaiting a report, but which compensation has already been paid, the Explosive Disaster  families victims are still waiting for theirs, and waiting they will. Did someone say in Africa we value the dead?

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  1. At this point it's pretty clear that the findings in the report would be damning for the GRZ. The plane had a poor safety record and still they allowed it to fly. They were negligent and if put out in an official report they would be liable to pay more per person killed than what's been paid out to date. So, they'll continue to sit on it and pretend ignorance.


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