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Monday, 3 May 2010

Worth reading...

On State of Zambian Internet I bemoan the shrinking of the Zambian blogosphere : "A strange thing has happened in the Zambian blogosphere. Rather than grow, it appears to have shrunk in recent times. In the early days of this blog we saw all kinds of other Zambian blogs popping up. Today very few Zambians blogs are update or maintained. Many people discovered that starting a blog is quick and easy. Few realise how difficult it is to maintain one".

Its wonderful to see some new blogs which appear regularly updated and with genuinely fresh perspectives on issues. Worth checking out Seize the Moment, written by one of the regular commentators on this website. I have found it to be quite refreshing and its good to see Zambian women blogging.  The only problem with the blog is that it does not currently have a feature that allows you to track responses to your comments, but am sure this will be added. Another blog I have recently been following is Behind Independent Mind by Mazuba Mwiinga. It focuses on the politics with the gloves off! I particularly like the lengthy nature of the pieces. Taken together these represent worthy additions and hope they will continue updating them.  As I said, we are an endangered species.


  1. Chola, thank you for highlighting my blog. I am truly flattered that consider it worth reading and sharing with others. I have added the subscription feature to the blog (not really sure why I overlooked this initially) and hopefully that gives readers the ability track posts and comments.

    Please feel free to provide feedback at any time!


  2. Cho,
    Good observation. Actually the few that still survive have nothing on them but pasted articles from Google alert newsfeed engines and some currency converter programs that go without a single line of commentary or analysis. The few that patronized them have realized how stale they are intellectually. Here you are as ever steadfastly on top of it all.

    Those who mimic after failing they have hoped that the Lusaka Times and Watchdog way of providing news would suffice but to no avail. Google alert pops up every subscribed email account and on phones. LT has survived because it has ZANIS and connected on the ground besides having Macro-bloggers doing their partisan things.

    The story of those who mimic failing is same with the blogtalk radio shows technology. Few that have surfaced after mimicked the idea from James Mwape the pioneer thought it’s easy, they have remained irrelevant and trapped in endless struggles while the pioneer like you remains on top of it with more initiatives. It’s a lesson to us all that it’s always honorable to perfect in our areas of strength and not this business mimicking for the sake of it. I enjoy blogging here. Is it’s a surprise that the country has 38 political parties? It’s a cultural thing in the Zambian mind-mimicking.

  3. Hi MissBwalya,

    I linked to your blog on my page at

  4. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your compliments.

    Indeed, your observations are on point.

    What has surprised me is that there are many areas which remain to be covered and where bloggers should occupy. For example, there should be blogs on Zambian history perhaps covering recent books, and other things. Equally enough space exists on blogging about women issues e.g. gender violence, culture and traditions.

    Also we have not seen blogs in the vernacular. Why can't someone start a blog that is written in Bemba or Nyanja or Tonga! Something different!

    Or for example, we can have someone blog about "utushimi" and "utuseso" in folk stories and proverbs... Something totally different!

    There are many areas of blogging....

    I had hoped that the Zambian blogosphere was going to specialise and diversify! But alas as you note, there has been little of that!

  5. Hey Thanks very much for noting my blog, Behind Independent Mind. Its true, Zambian writers are losing touch with their aptitude. We need to fire up the spirit. Its challenging sometimes, i know, but with a great interest to our nation, we should be able to stand afoot and speak out.


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