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Friday, 18 June 2010

The Mpombo specter?

An interesting letter to President Banda regarding Hon Lucy Changwe MP:

His Excellency, being the father of this nation, I strongly believe that you will be of help .....the matter is over the “Refer to Drawer” cheque number, 153 dated 21/05/2010 amount of K10,000,000 – issued in my favour by Hon Lucy Changwe MP Mkushi North and deputy minister Gender and Development, which was meant to be a delayed part payment of the agreed first installment of my house purchase contract, which was due on the 16th December 2009.

His Excellency when I brought this matter to the attention of Hon Changwe, she told me to report her anywhere. Sir, I am fully aware that bouncing a cheque is a criminal offence and I know that as a minister, Hon Lucy Changwe even if I report her to police today, she won’t be arrested and the Director of Public Prosecution won’t authorise her prosecution unless and until she is dropped from the ministerial position
The author of the letter claims Hon Lucy Changwe has recently bounced a cheque and therefore has committed a criminal offence.  This incident once again broadly reinforces the points I raised in Decriminalising would-be Mpombos. I say broadly because there's an argument made in that post which eagle eyed readers may now spot is open to challenge since the present case involves a well endowed member of society allegedly committing the crime against a poorer claimant (and indeed reverse that aspect of argument in favour of criminalisation).

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