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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The oldest living things in Africa are its leaders - why?

Daily Monitor's Charles Onyango-Obbo provides the answer . It turns out  "Mugabe and Mubarak are old enough to be Cameron and Medvedev's grandfathers. And all of them, except Botswana's Khama (who, by the way, is still a bachelor) are, assuming they started having children at the age people in African villages do - are old enough to be the fathers of Cameron, Obama, Medvedev, Harper, Rudd, Sarkozy....".  Zambians can relax, our President is only fourth oldest according to the list below! [The usual statistical warnings apply]

Africa :
•Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) - age 86
•Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) - age 82
•Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia) - age 74
•Rupiah Banda (Zambia) - age 73
•Mwai Kibaki (Kenya) - age 71
•Colonel Gaddafi (Libya) - age 68
•Jacob Zuma (South Africa) -age 68
•Ian Khama (Botswana) - age 57
Average age: =72.4

At 66 years of age, our own President Yoweri Museveni would have set well before President Khama, and we would have got an even higher average age, but he is left out in order not to "bring the office of the president in disrepute".

The Industrialised World
•David Cameron (UK) -age 43
•Barack Obama (USA) - age 48
•Dimitri Medvedev (Russia) - age 45
•Stephen Harper (Canada -age 51
•Kevin Rudd (Australia) -age 53
•Nicolas Sarkozy (France) - age 55
•Luis Zapatero (Spain) -age 49
•Jose Socrates (Portugal) -age 53
Average age: = 49.6

1 comment:

  1. Gaddafi is only 68? That’s impossible, the man was probably there when Moses came down the mountain! That must be his “African footballer” age.


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