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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Please Release the RP Capital Valuation Report

Mr Felix Mutati claims that Government has no intention of releasing the RP Capital Report on ZAMTEL because Zambians are too dull and illiterate to understand it. This is not the first time these leaders have kept information from the Zambian people. All Zambians will know that the government up to this day has kept secret the official GRZ copies of the Mining Development Agreements, which cost our people many billions of dollars. [These were only known by the public through the great work of two academics].

It does not have to be this way. As a Zambian you have a constitutional right (and moral obligation) to hold those who in leadership to account. You can let officials like Mr Mutati know that there are Zambians out  who regard transparency as the hallmark of effective Government. No one will do this for you.  If you want change in how politicians treat you, you must demand it yourself.

Please email the following leaders your demand for the RP Capital Report to be released - also forward this to every Zambian on your email list. Those with additional email addresses please make these available to us. Let us get the ball rolling.

Hon Felix Mutati (Minister of Commerce)

Andrew Chipwendo (CEO, Zambia Development Agency)
He sold ZAMTEL - he was in charge of the bidding process.
Also send to Mrs Chinamanse - she is the Public Relations Person - she will get the email to him if he refuses to open

Hon Musokotwane
He is the Minister in charge Finance. He is the money and he is against releasing the report.
Email :
Also email his PS - Mr Chileshe Kandeta : and

The President 
His Excellency President Rupiah Banda has no email address!
But fortunately we have the email address of his spokesman - Mr Dickson Jere :

I have sent my email -  which you at liberty to cut and paste.

Hon Felix Mutati
Hon Situmbeko Musokotwane
Mr Andrew Chipwendo

Dear Sirs,

Re: Release of the RP Capital Valuation Report on ZAMTEL

I am writing to request the immediate and unconditional release of the RP Capital Valuation Report that underpinned the recent sale of ZAMTEL to a Libyan parastatal company.

My request is based on a simple principle : the assets of this country belongs to all Zambians. As such we have the legal and constitutional right to see this report. We are best placed to assess and judge whether the sale of ZAMTEL was based on reasonable and credible advice from RP Capital.

I reject the misguided argument advanced by Hon Felix Mutati and other self declared guardians of high knowledge that Zambians people are simply too dull to understand the content of this very basic report. You all well know that such were the arguments used by our colonial masters. This is 2010! We do not expect such statements from those we have chosen to represent us. I ask you Sirs, is this the independence that our fathers fought for?

You also need no reminder that Zambians have for a long time suffered due to the secrecy that underpinned the mining Development Agreements. Then like now, the government withheld vital information which only became public after NGOs and academics got hold of the repors and bemoaned the cruel details contained therein. Up to this day the Government of Zambia has never held a single enquiry into the alleged corruption that took place. You have an historic opportunity to show you are politicians of the future and not those that should belong to the political museum. Show this generation new hope for the future. You can start by releasing this valuable report.

Zamtel is a public institution which is owned by ordinary Zambians and any decision made concerning it affects everybody. You as members of government are servants of our mothers and children. You are not our masters - but our servants.

This is not a party political issue, it is common sense.

I urge you to stand-up and be counted. Release the valuation report and let Zambians see the truth for themselves.


  1. According to this report, Mr. Mutati expects to make a presentation to Parliament next month highlighting details of the RP Capital Valuation Report. If it is the normal procedure to inform parliament first, then I do not see a problem. I am not a MMD member.

  2. Highlighted details by the minister is not the same thing as the actual document. (The Minister already tried to compare the value of ZAMTEL and other privatised parastatals by mentioning the selling price/employee, which is not a standard metric for valuing any company.)

    This report can very easily be made public as a .pdf file through any of the Zambian governmetn's many websites.

  3. The Govt has said the details will be released on 29th June in Parliament.

  4. Its funny sometimes how these guys behave,this man is a minister and out of all words he has learnt from grade one till to date its like he doesnt know how to come up with a sentence which holds air,but only foolish word like "dull" i wonder if this man knows profesional conduct someone need to teach him

  5. The board and GRZ keep the informations about the company and will sell the zccm-ih to british investors for peanuts next year...

    that is why ZCCM-IH receive poor dividends ... the objective is to minimize the selling price for friends of the board and the GRZ

    how much money for the members of GRZ ?

  6. it will be the same with ZCCM-IH !

    The board and GRZ keep the information about the company and will sell the zccm-ih to british investors for peanuts next year...

    that is why ZCCM-IH receive poor dividends ... the objective is to minimize the selling price for friends of the board and the GRZ

    how much money for the members of GRZ ?

  7. The real reason they don't want to release the report is that they are afraid we CAN understand it. If they knew for sure that we can not understand it they could safely release it.


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