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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Press Release : Draft National Constitution

Press Release by National Constitution Conference on the publication of the Report and draft Constitution:

Members of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen

May I take this rare opportunity to welcome you to this Press briefing, today, Tuesday, 22nd June, 2010.

I feel greatly honoured to launch the publication of the Initial Report of the Conference and the Draft Constitution that the Conference has adopted.

As some of you may be aware, section 23 of the National Constitutional Conference Act, No. 19 of 2007, as amended provides that the National Constitutional Conference should publish the Initial Report and the Draft Constitution adopted by the Conference and facilitate public debate and comments. The Conference is also mandated to receive memoranda from members of the public for incorporation, where appropriate, in the final Report and Draft Constitution.

The Conference has produced three documents, and these are:

(i) the Initial Report of the Conference
(ii) the Draft Constitution; and
(iii) the Summary of the Resolutions of the Conference.

In order to facilitate access by members of the general public, the documents will soon be available:

(i) through the office of the District Commissioner in each District;
(ii) the NCC Secretariat at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
(iii) through three websites of:

(a) the Governance Secretariat under the Ministry of Justice whose website is:;
(b) the National Assembly whose website is:; and
(c) the National Constitutional Conference whose website is:

In addition, interest groups may directly get in touch with the Government Printers to buy copies.

I have to inform you ladies and gentlemen that, the Government Printer is still printing copies and these will be available as soon as possible.

Given that the Draft Constitution adopted by Conference has been published, the members of the public should take keen interest in reading the documents and provide useful comments to enhance the quality of our Constitution.

The governance of this nation will not improve by how much we quarrel among ourselves but how relevant and effective our institutions are; and this can only be done through the Constitution we give ourselves and the laws made there-under.

It is for this reason that members of the public should give their comments to the NCC Secretariat by:-

(ii) writing to the Secretariat;
(iii) participating in public discussions to be organized by the National Constitutional Conference;
(iv) facsmile on number 293077 Lusaka
(v) the “Have Your Say” window on the NCC website.

This activity will last for forty (40) days starting today, 22nd June, 2010 and end on Monday, 1st August, 2010.

It now remains my singular honour to launch the publication of the Initial Report and the Draft Constitution and commencement of receipt of public comments.

Thank you very much and May God Bless our Nation.
At the time of posting this press release the mentioned website had no such draft reports. The easiest thing therefore for interested readers is to email the NCC Secretariat and request a soft copies - if you do, please forward them to us!

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