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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Quick notes

Brian Chituwo recently launched the latest KCM exercise in "corporate social responsibility" - free eye screening project in Mumbwa District.

Progress update on the on-going programme to increase judicial efficiency by computerising and automating all court procedures.

ZCC go-ahead to Vodacom Gateway Mauritius (owned by Vodafone U.K.) for the 100 percent takeover of Africonnect Zambia - third-largest Zambian Internet service provider.

A wonderful Times of Zambia piece on Boys Brigade - introduced in 1965 by Kenneth Kaunda after his visit to Scotland.

The excellent Gethsemane Mwizabi on Catherine Chisenga - Enterprising Blind Trader. A 51 year old bling woman who has made extraordinary achievements.


  1. Mineral deposits discovery reported in Afghanistan:

  2. Copper and microbes:


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