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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Should we reinstate NAMBOARD?

Yes - according to National Farmers Union president Jarvis Zimba:

"What we really need at the moment is to reform the maize marketing sector because it is clear that the market forces of demand and supply have failed to work in this country....This equation of demand and supply has failed to work because not only is it benefiting few people…the millers, while the farmers and the government are both losing out. And the rate at which we are going, the farmers will need an institution like NAMBOARD. A similar arrangement is happening in Malawi and Zimbabwe and in both countries it has proved to be a huge success."
No - according to National Association for Peasant and Small-Scale Farmers of Zambia (NAPSFZ)'s president Roger Phiri   :
“The Namboard system of maize marketing was condemned by many that it was too big and had many functions outside maize buying and we all agreed to restructure the institution. It is better to offer alternative solutions to maize marketing system with relevant facts supporting argument for reviving an old maize marketing institution like Namboard".


  1. Nationalization and food distribution in Venezuela:

  2. "It was too big and had many functions outside maize buying"

    Perhaps this is why some of us think FRA should change to "Maize Reserve Agency"


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