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Saturday, 19 June 2010

This Week They Said

“Chiluba’s cross, laden with political, economic, social sins is heavy for Rupiah Banda to bear”
Hon Ackson Sejani MP on President Banda's friendship with 2nd President Frederick Chiluba.
“Have the police been substituted by political hooligans?”
Bishop Derek Kamukwamba on the politically driven nature of Zambian policing.
“I sometimes have a feeling that MMD thinks they have a bank where they generate money”
Inonge Wina [PF Chairperson] on Community Development Minister Michael Kaingu activities in Luena.
“TIZ is being blind because they want people who give them money to continue”
Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha on Transparency International's approach to fighting corruption.
"Sata is fighting for power, HH is also fighting for power and we are in power. The shortest meaning of politics is power"
William Banda [MMD Lusaka Province Chairman] warning that he has no intention of surrending power on a "silver platter".

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