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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Unbridled bigotry

“I don’t see how releasing the RP Capital report will help the citizen because they will not even understand it. It is just figures on paper. I would advise people to instead listen to the rational explanation of the government over the Zamtel sale.”
Commerce Minister Felix Mutati  looking down on the people he is elected to serve.  Can anyone genuinely expect that when Mutati wakes up the first thing he thinks of is "I have been blessed to serve the great Zambian people"?  How can he, when Mr Mutati thinks Zambians are so dull and illiterate to grasp a simple audit report? Well anyway, to his credit at least he speaks what is in his heart rather than hide it. It is up to Zambians to now wake up and begin to demand better from the likes of Mr Mutati.


  1. Cho,

    How about we (Zambian-Economist subscribers) ALL email Mr Mutati for a copy of the report? I think I will be able to make some sense of it, as will others.

    Let us all lead the way in a policy of affirmative action to make our politicians answerable to their paymasters and recognise that statements like that above is not on.

  2. Thats a great idea!

    I will need to try and get hold of his email.

    Unfortunately its one of those that I don't have!

    When we do, we will do a post to alert others.

  3. I haven't been able to find a personal e-mail address so far, but the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry does have a contact page.

    Here is a personal file page on Minister Mutati.

  4. hope this helps:
    Contact Details: 28 Chila Road,
    Kabulonga, Lusaka

    Telephone Number: (260) (211) 262752/254636
    Fax Number: (260) (211) 292252/254818
    Got the details for this site

  5. Thanks for the contact details. I'll be sending him an email later today. It would be great if everyone else could do the same.

  6. Cho,

    I don't Felix personally, but I believe he is a home boy to us. It is a shame that he is attributed to have said that. That government is very contegious.

  7. It is comments like this that reveal why Zambian politicians, and Zambian leadership does not have the attitude or the accountability or the basic common sense for that matter, to lead Zambia into becoming a modern power. This also is a relatively new attitude as traditional leadership structures would not allow such demeaning remarks.


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