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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

When China met Zambia! (UK readers only)

A BBC video documentary presentation (90 minutes) - only available to UK readers. You have a month to watch it! The documentary description   :

A historic gathering of over fifty African heads of state in Beijing reverberates in Zambia where the lives of three characters unfold.

Mr Liu is one of thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs who have settled across the continent in search of new opportunities. He has just bought his fourth farm and business is booming.

In northern Zambia, Mr Li, a project manager for a multinational Chinese company, is upgrading the country's longest road. Pressure to complete the job on time intensifies when funds from the Zambian government start running out. Meanwhile, Zambia's trade minister is en route to China to secure millions of dollars of investment.

Through the intimate portrayal of these three characters, the expanding footprint of a rising global power is laid bare - pointing to a radically different future not just for Africa but also for the world.
Thanks to our Facebook Page readers who flagged this up!

A while back there was also another interesting documentary An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby - Part 3, which focused on Zambia. I shall be on the look out for both when they make their way to You Tube or other mediums - for non-UK readers.

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