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Friday, 23 July 2010

Book Reading Goal : Week 25

The Last Christian: A NovelThis week I turned my attention to something totally different - The Last Christian by David Gregory.  Although I do usually read fiction, I have never actually read a science fiction book - until  now. Set in 2088, this book imagines a world where many diseases have been eradicated, Africa has made progress and across the globe life expectancy has drastically improved with life at 120 years expected. It is at this point in history that a young American lady Abigail Caldwell emerges from the interior jungle of Papua New Guinea (cut off from the outside world since birth) after her village was mysterious wiped and heads to America to find that the America that her parents talked about has dramatically changed - and on the verge of something catastrophic. It is a riveting book, with many twists and turns. A wonderful book with a positive message.  Strongly recommended.

Book Reading Goal Review
Books Read So Far : 24 books
Remaining Books to Achieve Target : 26 books
Weeks Remaining to Achieve Annual Target : 23 weeks

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