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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Facebooking (Thank You!)

On 19 May 2010 we set up our Facebook page. I was a little sceptical at the beginning but offered three reasons why it became necessary : First, some readers requested that we have a Facebook page because "many Zambians are on facebook more than any other medium"; Secondly, it provides a good way to "see" readers; and finally, we are always open to new ways of making it easy for readers to access the material.

I am happy to report with just  two months there we have now crossed over 1,000+ fans which clearly affirms the first reason. There are indeed many people who have found this useful and I have enjoyed reading some of the comments there and respond to them when I can. Also its been good receiving emails from those accessing it there. The second reason has been interesting because the profile of Facebook readers is totally different to what I expected. So indeed it is good to see that Zambians from all walks of life have an interest in seeing updates with the website. I am quite keen for us to engage the young people in this intellectual movement we have embarked on. If you want to see what Zambia will look in 2030 just look at its youth - so I believe all effort should be spent engaging with the younger generation - they hold the key to our prosperity as a people.  On the final reason, It has definitely confirmed the merit in being open to new ways of reaching.

So to all of those following us via Facebook, welcome to the Zambian Economist family and many thanks for making this worthwhile.

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