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Saturday, 3 July 2010

An idea for someone...

We need a new blog that focuses on Zambian books or books about Zambia. I know I would do it because I have a passion for Zambian books,  but I have too many blogs already plus my wife now reads this blog via Facebook so she is monitoring how much time on Zambian Economist and House of Chiefs  :)

The reason I mention this specific need is that I recently visisted the blog - ZED Books. Imagine my disappointment when I found out the title had nothing to do with Zambia!

I am sure we have some very excellent readers out there who read a lot (I sure hope so because we have a book reading goal to achieve). We shall support such a blog to promote Zambian literature. If we don't promote literature about Zambia and encourage people to read these works using new media we shall  continue to allow others to write our stories / history.

So email this to your friends who read Zambian books or books about Zambia. Imagine at present even the papers don't have book sections?  Is it any wonder Fotoaccount shows us that empty Lusaka library? We can start this with a dedicated blog! Who shall step up?


  1. Chola, funny you should bring this up because this something I've been thinking about incorporating into my blog. I've not made much progress because I haven't found a reliable source to find information about Zambian authors, upcoming and existing books, etc. I am a voracious reader, and would love to read more from local authors. I am happy to coordinate something like this if I can get some more information.

  2. What is it they say...great minds or fools think alike? We are definitely great minds!! he he he...

    There are many works around and we can send a rally calling around the community....

    But the point is that if someone started something like that and was done properly I am sure all the information will be found. Basically the blog could act as a crowd source.

  3. LOL. I'll go with the great minds.

    Where do you currently go to find information about authors and books? I've tried using Amazon's "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought..." feature but that doesn't always give me what I am looking for, and I'm stuck like a little hamster spinning around. And the local media as you mentioned isn't a help either.


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