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Friday, 2 July 2010

Misplaced hope..

The Times on the shortage of workers in health institutions :

There are many Zambian doctors and nurses within the region and beyond who work in hospitals in foreign countries at the expense of Zambian citizens. In hard economic times, the temptation to jettison your country and look for relative comfort in foreign lands is attractive and perhaps nobody should be blamed for that. But the truth of the matter is that it is not a solution to problems that afflict the country and it is better to stay in the country and become part of the solution. Going abroad to look for greener pastures only compounds the problem and delays in finding solutions.

It is worth noting that no foreigner will come to Zambia to resolve the challenges that face the country and the onus is on the citizens themselves to do it. The countries that many people trek to in search of a comfortable life are mostly developed by their citizens and foreigners such as Zambians only go there to supplement home grown efforts. It is, therefore, our hope that the nurses who graduated yesterday at University Teaching Hospital resist the temptation to ditch Zambia and instead provide their services to locals.
This is a poor assessment.  Appealing to  people's "hope" and "patriotism" is folly. Zambia like many other developing countries in the global pond surrounded by big fishes must accept that this is bound to happen as countries continue to compete for scarce resources. The editor should have focused on urging government to come up with policies that copes with this new reality. I discuss some of these ideas in the post - Living with a leaking bucket.

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