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Friday, 2 July 2010

New FSRP Web Site

The wonderful people at the Zambia Food Security Research Project (FSRP) have update their website. It has the same url, but an updated title as compared to the old site:   Zambia Food Security Research Project (FSRP) in cooperation with the Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF).

Regular readers will know that the FSRP has been instrumental in bringing our knowledge and understanding of this important sector up to date - we have discussed many of their papers. The improvement in the user experience is therefore extremely welcome.  Plus they now have RSS, so you can bang it into your Google readers and there's absolutely zero excuse now for being ignorant about emerging research and policy questions around agriculture. 

Its one of those websites, I wish everyone of our readers can make a habit of visiting. From there you will find answers to such interesting questions as  What's Behind Zambia's Record Maize Crop? or  Why are Fresh Produce Prices So Unstable in Lusaka? or How are Vegetables Marketed into Lusaka?

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