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Friday, 9 July 2010

Quick notes

EU Commissioner for Development is seeking a new aid strategy that has "value for money" as an overriding priority. Among the ideas is that aid to poor countries should be tailored more towards benefiting European firms.

IPS report on the changing face of politics in Malawa. The NGO Gender Coordination Network is pushing plans for its Malawi’s "50/50 campaign" to ensure that more women than ever before sit in local government seats after the November elections.

TAZARA recently launched the first phase of a program aimed at revamping operations in anticipation of increased copper production next year. The plan will initially try to boost wagon capacity; at least 28 wagons in Zambia have been earmarked for rehabilitation.

Campbell and Harwood have a new piece in Project Syndicate where they argue that the conventional wisdom that sub-Saharan Africa has moved beyond military coups may be wishful thinking. In the past two years, Africa has seen successful coups in Niger, Guinea, Madagascar, and Mauritania.

The Malawian government has come under fire for failing to adhere to the Malawi National Land Policy which has seen several foreigners getting land for other reasons and not investment. The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) recently expressed shock "at the rate at which foreigners in the country get land at the expense of the locals".

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