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Saturday, 10 July 2010

This Week They Said

"You should read this newspaper  in the opposite. When they say president Chiluba was jeered, it means he was cheered. It is an upside down newspaper"
President Banda taking a verbal assault on the leading member [The Post] of the Fourth Estate.
"Simbao is being a responsible Zambian because the entire government is not responsible".
Hon Douglas Syakalima MP on Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao's SOS call to donors for assistance.
“Who has even seen a picture of Hakainde’s wife in the newspaper or even a picture of him playing with his children? Why is he hiding his wife? Nimwenye?"
President Banda again, this time widening his insults to include Mrs Hichilema and insulting our Indian population in the process.
“President Rupiah Banda  is the real mambala. He was doing umambala when he was in Namboard”
Hon Douglas Syakilima MP on President Banda's recent attacks on the UNPD leadership.
"We reject this corrupt adoption process. Ifwe uyu muntu batupela tatwamumonapo ala ifwe twamukana"
Wilfred Mwanza (Chifubu MMD) on the chosen MMD candidate  allegedly imposed from the top.

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