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Saturday, 24 July 2010

This Week They Said

“These are empty political hallucinations”
George Mpombo's opinion of Kaingu's suggestion that Zambians would not want elections if only they realised how marvellous President Banda is.
“The fact that now Chiluba is even campaigning for a councillor shows that he is no more Chiluba”
Michael Sata on media reports that Chiluba was on the campaign trail for a ward council by-election in Kitwe.
The pact does not have a common manifesto or political agenda”
Peter Machungwa pointing the finger to what he sees as the source of the alleged difficulties facing the UPND-PF pact.
“We shall build schools, hospitals, roads and we shall explore for oil and minerals”
Vice President Kunda  promising the earth and all that is in it to people in Luena.

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