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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Warrior Princess in Zambia

Princess Kasune Zulu writes :
Warrior Princess: Fighting for Life With Courage and HopeWarrior Princess Get ready, Get Ready... Zambia going crazy for Warrior Princess. Join His Royal Highness Chief Litata, Dr Manassah Phiri at the official Zambian launch, 18 August - stay tuned for details. Warrior Princess available at Planet books shop at Arcades in Lusaka and Book seller at Manda Hill Mall in Lusaka. The response is overwhelming. I'll be appearing on Kwacha Good Morning Zambia this Saturday. It's great to be home. 
The Zambian Economist  review of her extraordinary book - Warrior Princess, By Princess Kasune Zulu (A Review)


  1. Hi Guys
    So fantastic to see your support of Warrior Princess - we are so grateful for your support. I just wish I could be there to celebrate the launch of this incredible work with you.
    Belinda Collins
    Co-author Warrior Princess

  2. Thanks, Belinda

    We shall continue to support Kasune and yourself on this life and death issue.

    Keep up the good work!


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