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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What I am reading...


Its not Saturday yet for my weekly report on the book reading goal...but I just love my current reading fantastic book on agriculture, two on China, a science fiction book set in 2088 and two biographies of two radical individuals from different time periods. I shall tell you more...


  1. Ever read Tim Hartford's "The Economics of Everything" and the "Undercover Economist" ? They're riveting and insightful.

    Nice to have an idea about your mind's diet!

  2. Tim's books fall into a new category of "pop economics" - written largely for larger audiences. So they fall outside my reading scope within economics.

    Landsburg is good though....the "Armchair Economist" series....

  3. Interesting.

    What would you personally recommend as a foundational reading list for a newbie to economics?

  4. I have never considered that question. But let me know give it some thought.

  5. Waiting. Eagerly.


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