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Monday, 30 August 2010

Mine Watch (Siavonga)

Two uranium mining ventures are on the verge of opening in Siavonga, meeting resistance along the way from local residents. The residents have rejected the intended opening of uranium mining in two areas of the district because the "dangers of the mineral outweigh the benefits". Denison Mines Zambia Limited and Africa Energy Resources are currently in Siavonga district carrying out exploration works in Muntanga and Sikoongo areas respectively awaiting government approval to award them full-scale mining licences slated for 2012. More detail via The Post.


  1. On going the right way about mineral wealth. Zimbabwe intends to create a multi-billion dollar industry on top of it's diamond mining industry, polishing diamonds and gemstones. This involves thousands (4 thousand is mentioned) jobs, and with indigenisation, the businesses will be at least 51% Zimbabwean owned.

    Check out:

    Zim to polish, cut own diamonds
    by AFP
    01/09/2010 00:00:00


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