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Monday, 9 August 2010

The quest to become a SADC hub, 3rd Edition

The port is busy: millions of tonnes of goods - everything from coal and aluminium to grain and clothing - pass through here. The cargo ships waiting dockside are the final link in a chain of what is known as the Beira Corridor. It is a huge rail transport and infrastructure project designed to create nothing short of a trade super highway. More than 100km (62 miles) long - taking in the coal-rich region of Tete in Mozambique's north west and even stretching as far as the border with Zimbabwe - it all links to the port in Beira
An extract from the BBC report from the port of Beira, halfway up the coast of Mozambique, where the government is working hard to make sure the country is open to the rest of the world.

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  1. Techobanine is a port that is expected to be developed for Mozambique, with the advantage that it is a deepwater port and does not require dredging services:


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