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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Where outsiders weep for a nation..

"Canadian companies are very anxious to ensure that they understand the local scene and operate within expectation. Rules are very easy to follow but expectations of what mining will do…will it be infrastructure development, for example, in Northern part of Canada, mines provide most of the roads, railways, airfields and telecommunication systems. Mining is not a short-term thing although mining itself does not last a long time.."
A Canadian investor arguing that mining should be at the core of infrastructure development to enable the country to survive post-mining era. Now where have you heard that before? 


  1. Well, well this is in direct contradiction with the views of Zambia's self appointed mining expert extraordinaire, Sir Fred Bantubonse. It is not long ago that he told the local Solwezi community that it was not the responsibility of mining companies to build infrastructure in the localities they operated in. He seems to be on the same wavelength with President Banda on this one. Remember the meeting he had with the World Bank President in Addis Ababa in 2009? He asked for loans from the WB so that the Govt could build infrastrucure in the mining areas to help smoothen mining operations. These are loans to be repaid by Zambian tax payers at no cost to the mining companies who refuse to share any benefits with Zambia. I have honestly given up on Zambia. 24 October 1964 was a fraud! Now I understand why my Grand Mother used to ask as to when the so called 'Independence' would come to an end!

  2. I have just never understood why the government does not see this very basic idea that mining should be the vehicle for infrastructure delivery.


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