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Friday, 27 August 2010

Zambia Weekly - Volume 1, Issue 20

Zambia Weekly - Week 34, Volume 1, Issue 20, 27 August 2010


  1. Can the author of the Daily Mail editorial (p. 4) tell us when Zambia’s judiciary became “almost flawless?” What a sorry excuse for writing that is, I can’t decide whether to vomit first or just slit my wrists!

    Let’s fast forward to p.7 where we read of a ten year-old boy who just spent 9 months in prison “in connection with his father’s murder”. Yes, that’s right; a 10 year old was imprisoned, and most likely spent that time in an adult prison with men more than twice his age. We’ve read about the conditions of Zambian prisons, and how unfit they are for even rats to exist, and yet our “almost flawless” system deems it fit to send a 10 year old there?

  2. Yes. The question of the minimum age of criminal responsibility needs to be looked at. I have previously touched on this here.


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