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Thursday, 23 September 2010

2011 campaign begins!

Rupiah Banda 2011 team has moved into gear - they have a new website and a new YouTube Channel. This is a positive and exciting development. It is good to see the republican president leading in recognising these new mediums. I am sure he'll have a Facebook and twitter pages too!

On the YouTube Channel Mr Banda makes his case for re-election. The current three videos are embedded below for convenience:


  1. I checked this out this morning, and I must say not shabby at all! Hopefully, they'll keep it updated even beyond the election of 2011. I like the disclaimer at the bottom that indicates that the website is not funded with tax payer money but from friends of RB. Niiiccceee....

    Ball's in your court Sata/HH/Chipimo/

  2. Friends of RB... LOL

    If his best friend Chiluba financed this website, it is tax payers money...

    Don’t forget that...

    Unless it was swindled donors money... or libyan Lap Green money

    For this gang leader... the sky’s the limit...

  3. I hope we can have a debate on how to he is going to perform. RB wants to use LPM credentials but he has some record to show but poverty is still rife. We need action now and not just empty campaign promises.


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